Cheezies | Any (Canadian?) Convenience Store |  Anytime

If you’re a Canadian, you should know that there is a brand of cheesy chips worth your weight in gold, literally since a bag is heavy as fuck.

I’m talking about Cheezies. I recently bought a bag and indulged in my childhood. When I was a kid and my mom could barely afford to feed me, she would buy Cheezies for my lunch. Cheap, cheesy, and packaged in small bags. One fo the greatest things I ate for years on years.

Now the reason for picking them up was not to be nostalgic but because the inventor of Cheezies has died.

Read on friends. And if you remember Cheezies as well as I do, go get a bag tonight.

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    Hey, remember when my followers didn’t know what Cheezies were?
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    I am just learning about Cheezies.
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    Love cheezies
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    Oh man this makes me sad. Cheezies are the best things ever made. My Stepmom hoards them when she’s in Canada.
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